Hello, le premier post. Japan










We did Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Niigata in 10 days which was a mad rush if you ask me.  But Japan is really amazing. Its a crazy mix of ultra modern and traditional. It also helps that I am incredibly partial to Japanese food 🙂
While I’ve been to big Asian cities, Tokyo plays in its own league.  Its cutting edge and busy, but everything works like clockwork… and the ladies are absolutely beautiful.  I loved Kyoto the most though, its a city steeped in tradition and history but unfortunately, we had to rush it in a half day, but I’d recommend that you take it all in in a more leisurely 2 days. Didn’t spend much time in Osaka but spent enough time to do some serious damage to my credit card.  Niigata was rice fields and not much else unless you’re there to see the freshwater aquascapes of Amano Takeshi (in which case please call him ahead because it was closed when we went there).


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