Frangermglish +

While on this intensive French course I must say that everyday is a struggle for me to pick words from the right language to form my sentences.  The thoughts are in English, but they need to be continuously and simultaneously translated into French.

I’ve surprised myself though, on several occasions, translating directly from French to German and from German to French.  I’ve also made faux pas like blurting out “san” (“three” in Chinese) instead of “cinq” (“five” in French).  I’ve also done something really weird like say “wu” (“to have” in Hokkein, a Chinese dialect that I barely speak).  And thanks to a fellow étudiante, I finally found out that “wirklich” is “vraiment” 🙂

I need to get better at this though, I hate that sometimes I am completely hamstrung by my lack of words (in the appropriate language).


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