Where has time gone?




How fast the months have passed.  I apologise for the dearth of updates, it has been quite a year.  Probably the toughest one I’ve ever had to face.  Lots of change, ups and downs.  I think its safe to say that I’m quite happy that the year is coming to a close.  But I shan’t dwell here.

In positive updates, j’ai réuisse le DELF!  Malheureusment pas suffisant temps pour practiquer le langue.  Quelle dommage.  I plan to get into some conversation groups though so hopefully we’ll see.

The love affair with La Provence continues.  This was from my trip there in the summer.  We found these fields around the lovely town of Gordes.  And of course, we had to stop by the famous Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque.   If you ever find yourself in France in the summer, I highly (and I can’t stress more) recommend that you take a drive to the lavender belt in Provence.  The intoxicating scent, the dry heat, the wine.  Take me back please…


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