Big chill in the city..




Happy new year!  I hope everyone had a blessed time with loved ones and family over Christmas and the New Year.  I spent my winter break in Asia and was in Seoul over Christmas.  Loved. It.  I have a weakness for cities and Seoul, with its some 12 million inhabitants, is one thriving metropolis.  Even with the -8 degree winter chill, the energy and dynamism of the city was palpable.  After spending some months in (generally) tranquil Europe, Seoul was an energizing jolt to my system.  Needless to say I did not have much time for photography and the trip was mainly a whirlwind of eating, shopping and spending time with family and friends.  I do especially like the night shot from our hotel room though, I love gazing down onto busy streets, wondering where people are rushing to get to, what their lives are like…


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