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Buongiorno Venezia!  This summer’s adventure took us on a long trek to Venice where it was a very balmy 37-38 degrees.  The city itself is beautiful and filled with so much history and an interesting melange of culture.   But I must admit, the heat, mosquitoes, crowds and general-constantly-getting-lost got to me.  If you have more time, spare about 3 full days for the city.  We rushed it over a long weekend and it was about a 7hrs drive+bus+water taxi+walk for us.  The food was great though, and cheap!  Which was really refreshing for us given that we were accustomed to the crazy high food prices up North.  Will I be back?  I’m not sure.  If the crowds thin out (I’m told its also busy in the winter, so I’m not sure when is low season), and I find a more efficient way of traveling there, maybe.  If not, I’m happy to check if off my list and never return.


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